Sunday, August 3, 2008

Killer Mike's Sunday Morning* Massacre: "Dope Boyz"

Its official. The Monster has returned.

As promised, and just in time for football season, Killer Mike is embarking on his series of Sunday Morning Massacre's and the first one reminds you of when he stomped onto the scene 1997-98 DMX style by dropping some highly aggressive verses on Kast's "Funkanella" and Slimm Calhoun's "Well."

Here, Mike takes Game's "Dope Boys" beat (what up to Wally Sparks for supplying the goods) and spits some literally dope metaphors all the while telling a couple of stories. I heard a couple whispers out there saying that Mike doesn't sound as aggressive as he did a couple years ago...well, this is proof why this man has the word "Killer" in his name. I must warn you though, this is not for soft ears. If you're fucking with this make sure you keep coming back to hear the rest of them first!

Killer Mike-"Dope Boyz" (remix)

*You'll hear at the end of the track that Mike apologizes for dropping the morning massacre at 9:30 at night (a power outage in Atlanta set things out of order)...won't happen next time though.

UPDATE: Here is some video spotted over at Smoking Section of Mike explaining what ya'll are about to witness.


Memph10 said...

this what thefuck im talkingabout, keep to the rappin, fuckthat video beef shit mike killd it

Cstone43 said...

i dont know what the big deeal is over this beat, shit is average. mike ripped it tho. i might wake up for these on sundays.

JVess said...

glad to hear he bak on that raw shit, he's gotten away from that killer shit lately.

ThomasCTR said...

ohshit..why every song i hear from this man is getting better and better...ive been sleeping