Thursday, July 10, 2008

Plies-"Somebody Loves You"

See. Now. I fuck with Plies when he does songs like this. It was the actual "real" shit like this that made me a wanna listen to him back in '04. But over the years he's become some sort of ghetto LL Cool J. I don't always agree with his "political" songs because most of the time it sounds like he's enabling the dudes that CHOOSE to make those decisions that land them in jail. But every once in a while this self-proclaimed "Goon" actually tries to show flashes of his college education and common sense instead trying to prove how "real" he is.

Bonus Vid: "Worth Goin Fed Fo"

This video reminds me of something...

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Monk said...

I don't really like dude's music too tough but I got respect for the brotha. I was shocked when I seen him in a few interviews and saw how he carried himself. I guess I didn't give him that much credit at first but he's a smart dude...a good dude.