Monday, July 21, 2008

Turn On the Radio!!! Pt. 1

This weekend my dude Jabari Graham of Art, Beats & Lyrics invited me to join him on the radio at WRFG 89.3 on DJ Jayforce' Beats & Lyrics show this last Saturday to speak on.....Hip Hop. It was me, him and the homies Bem Joiner, Dubelyoo, Ricardo Spicer of Sweatbox Productions, Nesby Phips, Ian Ford, Fray of Visual Vinyl (thanks for handling the camera) and a gang of other folks in the studio. As you can see from the video and couple more I'm about to post, folks was deep up in that camp. I mean, Akil from Jurassic 5 was even up in there for a little bit.

I actually wish I could share with yall the time/talk me and the guys had before we went up to the radio station. But um...I'm not gonna be posting alot of personal life shit on the web quite yet. This ain't the Truman Show.

Anyways, I'm going to be posting videos of this night as they upload. I didn't know it took so damn long to upload videos to internet.

This night in particular was sponsored by Jack Daniels, Coca-Cola and Bud Light, so...when you see speeches slur and voices raise along the way (as well as me nodding to a beat that you can't hear) know why.

And please...don't forget, ART, BEATS & LYRICS goes down this Friday, July 25th!!!!


Nick Love said...

I can't believe I didn't get a call to come hang with ya'll for this one. Ya'll needed a real commercial/industry cat to come and balance out all that hip-hop talk. LOL. You and Bem got too much dead prez and Public Enemy in ya'll system to appreciate the finer points of Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo

FireBrand said...

lol. tight