Monday, July 28, 2008

Its A Celebration!!! (pt. 2)

I was thinking...I come across enough flyers for parties that I could probably dedicate a section of THE REZIDUE to just that. So in continuation of the 4th of July is a party thats going down tonight:

Peep how the flyer says "No Baseball Caps, Timbs, AF1s or Plain Tees." I mean, anybody that knows me already know how I feel about some of these janky ass clubs/promoters and their punk ass dress codes, but at the end of the day, its their party, so they can dress and cry if they want to. But I have to ask...

How you gonna tell folks they can't wear baseball caps or plain tees when the muthafugga on the flyer is wearing both? Dead serious...please, someone answer that for me.

Next, I mean...I've never been a big AF1 wearer. When it comes to Nike's I'm a Dunks and Blazers man myself. But damn...we got sneaker racists now? I guess what you're saying is that you can come to the party if you wearing Jordans, Creative Recs, or something...but not, that's kinda wack.

As for the Timbs...I'm not mad at that one at all. Any NGH wearing Timbs in July don't deserve to be outside. They obviously have some mental issues. But, its sad that you as a promoter draw the kind of crowd that you'd have to remind someone not to do that. What does that really say about your clientele?

Word of the wise to promoters out there...if you constantly have to tell people how to dress when they come to your events, you might want to consider switching up your own steez. I mean, maybe you're not as fly as you think you are if you always have to tell folks how to dress. If you was really that "grown & sexy" people would already know how to come to your parties. I told myself, that one of these days, I'm gonna go to one of these dress code parties spiffy as hell and act a plum fool just for the hell of it. Throw chairs, spit beer, might even clip my toenails...just to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. I myself, don't feel any safer or cooler when I'm in a room full of overdressed people.

Plus on top of that...if I can go to church dressed how I damn well please, why should I have to get on some ol' extra shit just to drink and dance? For the life of me, I will never understand that.

Sorry...I went off on a tangent and if I don't stop myself now, I'll keep going. This isn't an attack on any specific promoters (but best believe there is one out there I'm setting my targets for when the time is right). I'm just questioning and attacking spirits out there...and laughing in the process.

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Gina said...

That's hilarious! So hypocrytical!

startlingmoniker said...

I suppose it's kind of a dorky point to make, but those two guys don't look like they're having much fun, either. Who wants to party with a couple dudes about to go to sleep?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

we too stupid to know better folk
hey when u gone stop by the shop again jones