Friday, July 25, 2008

Fryday Foolishness

Ok...I went to Chic-Fil-A for lunch today. Those grilled chicken sandwiches and lemonade do wonders the day after a good night of drinking. I feel nourished round this b*tch now. But man...while eating, I had to have witnessed one of the most foolish acts in modern history. I had to share it with ya'll right quick.

Aight so, I'm sitting there, enjoying my meal, realizing that bite-by-bite, Chic-Fil-A did indeed invent the chicken sandwich. It tastes too good for them not to be responsible for this marvel. Especially the grilled club sandwich, GAHWT DAHAM!!!!

But anyway, I'm sitting there eating and, I see this dude, looked to be about college age. Kinda had a nerd thing going, looked like he might have went to Georgia Tech or something. But, he slowly and awkwardly walked walked up to the register as if he had just walked in. Keep in mind he was there before I got there, so this really struck me as odd.

When he got to the register he did what most people do when ordering food, "erraaah, erraaaah, uuuuuh." Then, this man proceeded to ask one of the dumbest questions I ever heard.

This idiot asked for a refill...

On Fries!

And he was dead ass serious too. Like, you could tell that he didn't fully believe that he was gonna get a refill. He just had this look in his face like "aah, what the heck, let me try this shit."

And it was the way he asked he said it like "uuh, can I get a refill? {slight pause, lean forward} on fries?

My right eye almost popped out from holding my laughs in. What the hell makes you think that they gonna give you free fries? Free fries dawg? Really? He must have saw some fake coupon saying "Free Fryday" or some corny ish like that.

But yeah, buddy was shaking the empty box with fry crumbs, kinda like how beggars shake their cups when asking for change. Like the sound is gonna trigger some kind of response or something.

The cashier just looked at dude like came out of the blue asked for her phone number. Honestly, I don't think she knew how to respond. You think they teach them how to handle dumb ass questions like that on the orientation tape?

But yeah, I just had to share that. You might not find is as funny as I do, but that shit was hilarious.


Nick Love said...

That had to have happened at the Chik Fil A on Howell Mill. Only some corny mofo from Ga Tech would dare pull that. If that would've happened at the Wesley Chapel one, dude would've got his ass laughed out the store.

*Blog Ladi* said...

I love the Chik Fil A on Wesley Chapel. =)