Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Message From Mims

I ran into my dude Shondrae (Bangladesh) earlier today and he invited me to join him over a Zak's Studio where he was going to be playing some beats for Mims, who is working on his sophomore album. I mean, I ain't a Mims fan, but I ain't a Mims hater either. I had already heard some stuff other than "This Is Why I'm Hot" and buddy can actually rap (of course, that's his job right?). But for real, dude is decent.

He played a couple tracks from the album he's working on and I must say, I was impressed, entertained and intrigued. He has some ol' orchestra shit going with the production and dude is spitting some cool narratives about his life post-"This Is Why I'm Hot" amongst other things. I got me interested enough to see what the rest of the album sounds like. Anyways, I got him to speak briefly (very briefly) about what he's trying to do this time around.

Don't put him on the milk carton quite yet...