Thursday, July 3, 2008

Killer Mike feat. Ice Cube "Pressure" video stills

Tomorrow...Friday, July 4th 2008. Killer Mike is gonna be dropping one of the most powerful videos I've seen in a while. Everybody I've shown the video to has either been speechless or instigated to go out and do something (productive).

The video is for the song "Pressure" featuring Ice Cube. The song is pretty much all that you would imagine could come from this pairing. Think "Bad Day, Worst Day" times "That's Life". But the video is "Shut Em Down" times "Burn Hollywood Burn" times "Bulls On Parade."

The song opens and closes with words from Malcolm X, serving as the perfect bookends for a very potent song that doesn't attack people...but simply asks some important questions, raises some valid facts and gives some vivid warnings.

Seeing as how a couple of rappers are sticking their toes in the political water with their rhymes and marketing, Mike and Cube dove head first into it and made a splash....if you ask me.

The full video debuts tomorrow as the Myspace video of the day. Hopefully it spreads and some powers that be don't try to ban it. I got my hand on some stills of the rough cut to share with ya'll. Its not the final final final version. Believe me, every one of them have a meaning when seeing the video as a whole. But just in case, I slipped in some lyrics to help paint a picture.

"I don't fear no man, not Clinton, not Bush, not Osama/Ask your Uncle Thomas how he choose massa over Obama..."

"Black politicians, stop bullshittin, and you fonky ass preachers with ya' pulpit-tin'/Our King had dreams and a big vision, All you givin' us government and religion..."

"Got dammit...the Red Dogs in Grant Park running rampant and these pigs goin' ham sandwich/In New York they killed a young brotha and Atlanta killed a grandmother/And politicians saying 'save the planet' fuck that, save us dammit, from the Black pigs who helped kill Sean Bell/I hope its five degrees hotter for your ass in hell, race traitor bastards, less than trash/I hope when Jesus comes back he..."

I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind 2 in stores Tuesday, July 8th


FireBrand said...

wow. I think that the enviornment specifically as it relates to black communities and our ailments due to government policy in allocating waste resources is saving us, but otherwise...on point as usual.

I love that nigga.

save for the homophobic comments that one time, but otherwise, he's one of my favorites doing it right now.

take it to 'em niggas grill, MIKE!

Christopher said...

If only dude noticed its "Equal" not "EQUEL".

And he kind of missed it completely.

The environment is the most pressing matter in the world right now, it just so happens that aiding it means enabling the enfranchisement of everyone and eliminating the shadow of capitalism as it pertains to what its done to brown people and the third world. Without that, ain't no one in NO or trailer parks or low-income housing going to think green or even give a shit when we're all so consumed with getting by day to day.