Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Everywhere Else > New Era

Shout out to the homie Kaos for this video.

The New Era flagship store downtown has never really been one of my favorite spots. Sure they had alot of hats, but me personally, I only like 5% of the stuff in there. Most of that shit be all loud and attention getting. I don't dress to get looked at, I dress to look good.

Plus, most of the stuff there is stuff I could cop at the mall, where they have betting parking anydamnway. I cop most of my fitteds else where. Nope, not telling you, but ya'll are sleeping on it, heavily. Here is a hint: folks stopped going there because a certain rapper said what they sold wasn't cool anymore. Shittin' me.

But anyway, in this video Kaos breaks down why the New Era store is going ass backwards. Its yet another example of why Southern Hospitality is getting replaced by hostility in Atlanta. People just think they can come here and treat you any kind of way and still expect you to do business with them. Whatever.


Savvy said...

Where is this place? Never been or heard.

Anonymous said...

if you're talking about the new era store by the underground, i fucks with that one. that was the first store that i was able to cop a milwaukee brewers fitted that wasn't a throwback and everybody was real cool