Sunday, July 13, 2008

Z-Ro & Trae "Who's The Boss"

Last night I was up late working and doing some research and I kinda got in a down mood for some reason. When I get down I tend to do two things, eat and/or listen to Z-Ro. I guess those are my coping mechanisms.

Even though Z-Ro is one of my favorite rappers, I try to be cautious in listening to him. Why? Well, anyone that listens to Z-Ro knows that he was making mood music long before Joe Budden started naming his mixtapes that.

Depending on the song, Z-Ro will have you either:

Hunting down old enemies

Questioning every associate in your circle

Swinging on cops

Calling old girlfriends just to cuss them out

Remembering every nigga that drove past you when you was walking to the bus stop

But, at the same time, his music will give you a deeper appreciation for your friends and family and sometimes even depending more on your faith. At least that what it does for me.

Anyway, I went to Z-Ro's myspace page to listen to music and low and behold, he had some new (to me) stuff posted. The first song "Who's The Boss" is jammin like a mahfuggah. For those that don't know, Z-Ro has one of the coldest flows in rap today. I mean 1996-1999 Bun B cold. 1995 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony cold. 1997 Twista cold. And he can get on some Nate Dogg shit when he wants to. Helluva writer and rapper in my opinion.

Crazy thing, I think I realized why I like dude music so much...because he raps like the underdog. And similar to one of my other favorite rappers, Killer Mike, Z-Ro is kinda the outcast of his city's (Houston) rap scene. He only fucks with a couple people and vice versa. Now, I've interviewed Z-Ro before and he isn't the easiest dude to talk to, so I think that may play a part in it, but still.

If you ain't on him yet, I think you should go back and get on it. But remember, like I said, be careful. If you ain't in the right mood, Z-Ro will have you ready to fight somebody.

Anyways, I found the song on youtube and wanted to share it with ya'll. The beat on there is hard as hell and the Lil Keke sample from "Pimp Tha Pen" is so on point keeping in the Screwed Up Click tradition of sampling each other's rhymes for hooks. Oh yeah, Trae on the song too, my bad. Its from their upcoming duo album. It comes out the same day as that new Nas.


YaBoy Po said...

im still living is my shit bra good post

boi-dan said...

Ha, ha great post. You're right for giving a disclaimer.

If you like Z-Ro, you need to peep Lil C, & 50/50 Twin (Houston, TX). They are like Z-Ro on prozac, a shade happier, but just as real and aware of life's negativity.

For Lil C start w/ Keep on Stackin' 4
50/50 - M.O.E. 3