Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Turn On The Radio!!! (pt.2)

Hello Ladies and is part 2 of the night me and the fellas spent at 89.3 with DJ Jayforce. This part of the video is mostly off-air behind-the-scenes talk...but, shied, we didn't say anything there that we didn't say on-air...except for the cussing. This is also the part where our proud sponsors Jack Daniels and Bud Light really started to make their presence known. Enjoy.

Shouts out to Fray for the camera work! He knows how to use my camera better than I do!

If you haven't peeped Part One CLICK HERE!

Also, do not forget Art, Beats & Lyrics goes down this Friday!!!

Dubelyoo didn't do much talking on the radio, but you will hear him (as well as some other dope artists) loud and clear at this show. Oh yeah...make sure you watch the video to then end when Jabari lets the names of the surprise performers slip out (oops!. Stay tuned.

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