Friday, July 25, 2008

Proton-"Magazine Dreamz"

First, I apologize for this generic still. Something went wrong when I was uploading this vid to youtube. It still plays when you click it though.

But, last night Proton tore down the stage at Broke & Boujee at The 5 Spot. I got some footage of them doing their latest song "Magazine Dreamz." Think Biggie's "Dreams" on some 2008'ish over the "Microphone Fiend" beat. Before performing the song they mentioned something about some blog saying they were "disrespecting women." Umm yeah, whoever said that needs to smoke a blunt, have a drink or something...way too uptight. Its all just fun. The part when they say "Janelle Monae, adrogonous as fuck but I love you anyway" was probably the kicker. But line about boning Rhianna, bumping heads and getting put in a coma was funny too. I can't say I feel them on wanting to get with ol' girl Santigold. That broad looks like she can dunk on me.

Most of you who visit Rezidue already know about Proton. If not, here's a joint I did for them over at Black Ice (R.I.P) earlier this year.

Here's a link for the MP3:

Proton - "Magazine Dreamz"

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Cypha said...

He mentions Zoe Saldana, he gets props. Cypha loves the Dominicanas!