Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Box Of Weapons In The Mail

This morning I was awakened by some loud banging on the door followed by some clumsy footsteps. Of course, that shit is going to be alarming, especially with the moderately climbing crime rate around my way.

When I got to the door and didn't see anyone at the peephole, I opened the door, looked down and saw a suspicious, unexpected box...

It had been a while since I received a large box in the mail and I know I haven't purchased anything recently, so I was quite skeptical. I kicked it a couple times before I picked it up just to see what would happen. I didn't hear any barking or ticking and no smoke or liquid leaked out, so it seemed safe.

When I took it inside and opened it, I was very surprised by its was a box of Weapons with accompanying accessories.

For real, I think these were the first pair of shoes I ever coveted as a child. But for some reason, I never saw these things in Atlanta growing up, maybe me and folks just didn't know where to look, but I swear I never saw these shoes in the store and never saw anyone in school with them either.

I case you don't quite get the significance of these sneakers, I'll these guys show you:

These we're pretty much the shiznit back in the day. Hell I wanted these more than the Jordans. One, because at the time everyone (except for Bernard King, as he was still suffering from that ACL injury) that you see in that commercial were winners and perennial All-Stars that went deep into the Playoffs and either played in or won NBA Finals, regularly. Up to this point Jordan was only in his 2nd season, which was cut short when he broke his foot.

Two, these sneakers not only made you feel like a winner, it made you feel like you played on the same team as these dudes. I'd never seen that before. Most sneakers and their commercials revolved around individual accomplishment, further making you feel like "you're not this guy." But when you see Magic, Isiah, McHale, Aguirre, King and Bird rapping together, it kinda made you feel like you was down with them too. Maybe I'm tripping, but that's how I felt. The commercial showed great sportsmanship on and off the court.

But yeah, this was a pleasant surprise this morning. I was still kinda coveting these sneakers as a grown man ever since I saw them the end of the Capone-N-Norega "Blood Money" video years and years ago.

Too bad that I finally got some I don't have a damn thing to go with them except for the shirt they sent. I just can't be walking around rocking no Lakers ish, especially during Playoff time, I don't rock with them like that.

Shout out to Paul J at Converse for keeping me laced.


TC said...

This story ain't true...

southpeezy said...

I swear it is...WHAT YO' LIFE LIKE? MINES IS REAL! CONVERSES SIGNED AND SEALED! hahahah. but nah, for real, true story.