Friday, April 17, 2009

Throw Yo' J's Up!: Jaspects Throwdown @ The Warner Building

Last night after hitting up the Atlanta Film Festival Opening Reception (thanks Saptosa!) I sped over to the Warner Building to catch the Jaspect's album listening session for their new album The Polkadotted Stripe. I missed the actual album listening but all of my folks up in there told me it was very dope, very dope. Especially thier song with Janelle Monae, "2012." However I did catch some of their performance afterwards and as usual, they did not dissapoint. I Qikked some of the set last night, you can still peep it if you missed the live video.

If you aren't up on Jaspects or never seen them perform you are truly missing a treat. Think traditional jazz meets funk times Hip Hop and throw in the energy of a Public Ememy show and you might be close. I guess the best way to describe them is with the description the use themselves: "Students of Jazz, Children of Hip Hop." I did a post on them over at my old stomping grounds a while back.

I can't lie, when I first heard the first single "Unifunk" it kinda threw me off.

I grew to love them because of the way they played hard jazz without a hint of contemporary or that soft jazz shit. So when I heard all of the synths in the song, I was like awwww dammit! But, I've grown to like the song and after hearing them play it live I've learned to love it.

They're having an album release party tomorrow night at the Apache Cafe (the album drops on Tuesday). If you haven't been to a Jaspects show yet, I urge you to go. Its a nice show to take your lady or lady friend to. And if you're rolling on the dolo tip fellas, I'm telling you now, Jaspects brings 'em out shawty. I'm talking of the wifey variety fellas, so, come prepared.

Anyways, here are some pics I snapped at the listening party. Enjoy.

Gotta give the drummer some...

And some of the local celebs who were in the building...

Jeron Ward of Royal Flush and Jacinta Howard

Rodney Charmichael (Creative Loafing) and Moses Davis (WMG)

Fabian (Occasional Superstar) and Jabari Graham (Art, Beats + Lyrics)

Jafaar and his manager Matthew

(be on the look out for Jafaar, his album is jammin'. Feel Good music or Feel On music, what ever floats your boat that day)

Some Jaspect art pieces by Fabian

My feeble attempt at creative photography...I'm calling this one, "Speak Into The Mic." Get it? The SPEAKer and the Mic? Yeah? Right? Uh-huh? No? Ok.....

Shouts out to Moses Davis at WMG for hooking this event up and shout out to Jeff for inviting me. Make sure ya'll go out and support good music when you can.

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