Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is Bun B in Your Fave 5?

As I've said time and time before, I don't really get engaged in Top 5, 10, Ever arguments when it comes to rappers. My mind can change tomorrow. But, even in that there are usually at least 1 or 2 mainstays in everyone's lists. They're usually Pac, B.I.G., Jay-Z and Nas. To me Pac and B.I.G. should be retired from all "Top" discussions, they are givens at this point. And I've noticed that most people that say Jay-Z and Nas just be saying it just because.

But that said, don't ya'll think its time we seriously start mentioning Bun B's name in these discussions?

Bun B outshining everyone on this Clipse feat. Kanye West Remix of "Kinda Of A Big Deal"

I mean he's outshined everyone from Jay-Z to Jeezy. He's been rapping consistently for going on two decades and has stayed relevant the entire time. He never fell off. He never "got wack." And above all else, he's completely loyal to the craft. I mean, I'm sure Bun has other aspirations and what not, but...he's not like the rest of these cats (my Faves included) who ran off to Hollywood or quit rapping. Hell, this man has endured seeing his rhyme partner incarcerated and dead...and he is still here doing it for us. Gets no Triller than that.

Am I just tripping right now? Does the general population consider Bun a "Top" emcee and I'm just not hearing them say it?

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Баян said...

"swine flu" ? it's just been a few days on the news and in raps already? Bun is swift
The President Freeman