Monday, April 20, 2009

INBOXication: Dustin Prestige

Ok. I have another scatterbrained series I'm introducing. I'm calling it INBOXication I'm just gonna start posting stuff that I get in my inbox from different artists that I stumble upon or stumble upon me. I'm sure someone is gonna come along and abuse this or simply annoy me, so, we'll see how this goes.

Anyways, I was on twitter earlier and saw a couple tweets from the homie B.Dot of Rap Radar and my potna Killer Mike. Both of them we're cosigning an artist named Dustin Prestige. Prior to today, I'd never heard of dude, but seeing two dudes I talk to frequently and have musical opinions that I respect (sometimes, haha) I had to see what was up. On top of that, he's from Mo'City, Texas...home of one of my favorite rappers.

I'm not gonna lie, when I clicked on Dustin's twitter page, he got me interested instantly and it had nothing to do with the music. It was that trill ass logo that he has. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a 'Lo Life and seeing how dude identifies himself with a Polo man toting an AK, I was sure I was gonna like at least some of what he was talking about.

Well, after hitting him up, Dustin was kind enough to email me some of his music and his EP that I will be sharing with you. My personal favorites of the moment are:

"Polo Groove"


"Funny Valentine"

Ya'll check him out and let me know what you think.

DOWNLOAD: Dustin Prestige: The Prestige EP

Oh yeah, shout out to his producer Jett-I-Masstyr, he put his foot in these beats.


Deacon The Villain said...

I'm diggin Funny Valentine alot. Dude has alot of different influences in his style... downloading now. Even though I hate comparisons, @ the moment he reminds me of Kanye West mixed with Bobby Creekwater and Bun B. HEAT

B.Dot said...

yeah, dude is hot. i like the name of the series tho, lol. ur such a journalist

dustin said...

I'm Dustin Prestige, and I approve this message...

Fheryl said...

Trill, Fresh, Hot & all that! Keep doing what ya doing.

dustin said...