Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Corey Davis Art Show @ City of Ink

Last Friday I stopped by the City of Ink to check out artist Corey Davis' latest exhibition: The Good, The Bad and the Exceptionally Beautiful. That was a pretty accurate description of the crowd that came out to show support.

As usual the show was pretty cool. City of Ink art shows are one of the main attractions that I look forward to in the city. The art is always dope, the DJ always gets off and the drinks stay flowing for the lowesky. I think the main thing I like about is just the synergy of people that it brings. I always manage to make a new friend or associate at these shows even though I usually know half of the folks in there already. If you haven't been to a COI show yet, don't make a habit of missing anymore of them. Truly a treat.

As for Corey's art, very unique stuff. Dead serious, that's the only word I can think of right now to describe it, I'm not trying to be funny. Reminds me of anime stuff but he attacks alot of pop culture, history and religious concepts with his pieces. Dope stuff. Buy some for the crib.

I took some pics that I'd like to share with ya'll:

Nesby Phips and Lyo
If you haven't peeped Nesby's new project The Phipstape, please do so now. Its dope, to me at least.

Fabian (Occasional Superstar) and Mr. Soul (Visual Soul)
Two of the dopest artists in the city right here. They told me they plan on having a battle in the near future and I am really looking forward to that. Expect an interview with Mr. Soul on the site very soon. You have some of his art in your possession and probably don't even realize it.

DJ Wreckineyez and Tuki
Wreckineyez did his damn thing this night. I mean he went from playing Killer Mike's "2 Sides" to Ghostface's "Daytona 500" like it wasn't nothing. He's currently doing his thing as Asher Roth's tour DJ. Tuki is co-onwer of City of Ink (along with Miya Bailey) and a member of Hollyweerd who also...

...swears I didn't take any pictures of him on this night, hense this scene:

...but after you visit the galleries you will see that it was pretty much Tuki time all night.

So with that, please visit the galleries to see the rest of the pics. Peace.

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