Monday, April 13, 2009

UGK 4 Life Promo: "Whats Your Favorite UGK Album?"

Here's a video short promoting the new UGK 4 Life album. In it they ask random "fans" what their favorite UGK songs and albums are. I mean, UGK is one of my favorite groups of all time. Hell my absolute favorite group some days. But even I don't think EVERY UGK album and song is my favorite. Call me what you want but you can't call me a damn liar in this instance. I'm happy for every ounce of well-deserved resepect UGK is getting now. But when "fans" respond that their favorite UGK album is "Ridin High"...ummmm...yeah. Its obvious that alot of the people in this vid are post-Free Pimp C UGK fans, if not post-"International Players Anthem" fans. But I ain't mad though, at least they are supporting the trill.

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7one3 said...

Video was tight!

Check out this video from the UGK 4 Life album release party
Interviews with Bun B and a lot of the producers