Monday, April 27, 2009

Maurice Garland is in Hollyweerd?

My morning started with a laugh when I stumbled across a post over a about a new Hollyweerd song. According to the pic above (which was taken at a dope ass event called the Co-Op last year), me and the homie Gripplyaz are members of the group. With Grip, it's nothing new, people say he looks like Tuki all of the time. But me? I don't really resemble Chris from the group.

For as long as I can remember, as much as people dig Hollyweerd's music, a lot of folks still don't know who all is in the group.

Hell, when I interviewed them for Creative Loafing last year right when their buzz was starting to grow, I was confused as to who all was in the group my damn self. I thought it was just Tuki and Dreamer, but then Stagg and Chris popped up in the room and hopped on the mic. I was like got damn, how many of ya'll is it!?!

Then I remember the time when they got featured in URB when who ever was the photo editor at the time must have googled the group and snatched the first pic they saw of them and used it for the article:

As you can see, that's obviously the homie Sean Falyon to the far right, who is not in the group.

But yeah funny stuff. While you're around, you might as well check out the songs they dropped today: "Nothing To Worry About" and this other song I kinda fugg with "Hollie Ollie".

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