Monday, April 27, 2009

Shazammin!: Simply Red: "Still Not Over You"

Alright so...I downloaded this program called Shazam on my phone and it is crazy. Its a program that practically snatches music from out of thin air and tells you what it is. Follow me?

If not, here is an example. In the midst of running errands this past Saturday morning, I stopped by Burger King for a quick breakfast. If you was following me on Twitter that morning you'd see that I was talking about how BK was playing some pretty jammin music that morning. Anyways, a song came on over the speakers that was smooth as hell, but I did not know what it was. Don't you hate when that happens?

I didn't bother asking any of the employees there what song it was, hell, them muthafuckas barely understand "no cheese, no mayo." So why would I expect them to know the answer to "what song is this you're playing?" Criminal Records this is not.

Then I remembered, I downloaded Shazam! With Shazam I can pretty much just turn the program on on my phone, hold up to the sky, sit it down, whatever...and it will snatch the song out of thin air and give me the song title, artist name, album title, release date, record label, lyrics and where to buy it. Yeah, crazy.

Anyways, the song I heard was Simply Red's "So Not Over You." Now I'm gonna admit, the song don't sound as jammin on youtube with computer speakers as it did at BK that morning, but its still a good song. Upon first listen I thought it was some ol' BK Exclusive Remy Shand or something. Simply Red never even crossed my mind because I hadn't really heard nothing from him since "Holding Back The Years" and you know how long that's been. Hell, this song really ain't even that new itself, it came off an album he released two years ago.

But yeah, that's pretty much it, next time I find another song through Shazam, I'll let you know. Peace.

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Баян said...

it's funny how differently for the better music sounds in public places

just recently i first heard "Live your life" by Tip being in a public place, it was over radio, it sounded huge, phat, clean and sharp, then i got mah hands on it, listened to it in the privacy of mah house and it just didn't sound the same, it was alot weaker soundwise

so i guess environment influences your perception of things
or not all songs translate good in every environment