Friday, April 24, 2009

INBOXication: Sean Falyon-"Big City Nights"

Here's a new video from the homie and fellow PA to GA jetsetter Sean Falyon. Its the first single from his new project that dropped today, Mr. Falyon Meets SMKA, which is pretty damn jammin. I've been rocking with dude's music for a minute and he hasn't dispapointed yet. Staying true to his Philly roots Falyon rides on some of that classic Teddy P./Gamble & Huff ish with some knock provided by SMKA producer Blake 808. Think Ahmad "Back In The Day" with some bump for the trunk.

Falyon been leaking joints over the last couple of weeks to whet appitites, if you missed the jam he has with Bonecrusher and Joe Scudda, here it is:

Sean Falyon feat. Bonecrusher and Joe Scudda

Like I said, Falyon been jamming for a minute. To this day I'm kinda salty with myself that I didn't get around to showing him love on my old XXL blog last year when I was putting some shine on other artists in the untapped Atlanta music scene. They shut me down right before I was gonna do it. Anyways, spilled milk. But just to put you up on game, I'm going to link you to his Fashionably Dope Musik mixtape he did with DJ Wreckineyez last year, dope ish for real.

If you're in the A fall through the Metropolitan Lofts for Sean's EP release party at tonight's Broke & Boujee party.

Once again, if you missed the links in the paragraphs, here they are:

Sean Falyon: Mr. Falyon Meets SKMA

Sean Falyon: FashionablyDopeMusik Vol.1

Oh yeah, the video is yet another Motion Family creation.

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