Monday, April 13, 2009

"23: The Street History of a Shoe" Screening and Book Signing

The homie Amir, oops excuse me, author/filmmaker A.R. Shaw will be hosting a screening and book signing for his project 23: The Street History of a Shoe on April 23rd (next Thursday) downtown at the Spring 4th Center.

Yes, I said screening and book signing. Mr. Shaw is pulling a Master P on ya'll. Got the book and documentary for sale. When I spoke to him over the weekend he said he's letting both of them go for $15 (instead of $23, damn recession) so bring cash and support if you can.

Being the Atlanta Hawks and Dominique fan that I am, I was bred to have a Hate Jordan gene in my DNA so I've never ever ever purchased a pair of Jordan's in my life. The price tag on those thing weren't an incentive either. My brother on the other hand has a half closet full of them. So in support of the homie Amir, I might borrow some of his and rock them to the screening.

Peep the trailer for the documentary and make sure you visit to stay up on things.

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