Friday, August 15, 2008

Kiss My Converse!

I had to take a minute say whats up to Paul Jackiewicz and the kind folks at Converse for lacing me with some free shoes for the last few months. I just got another pair in the mail yesterday and had to show them some love.

These first joints are called the Pro Leather 1976. This particular design is done in the Olympic spirit, honoring the 1972 USA Men's Basketball Team. If you don't remember, that was the squad that played in the Olympics during the Cold War and pretty much had the game yanked from them.

These next joints are also Pro Leather 1976's. Retro style. These were nicknamed "Buzzer Beaters" in 1982 when Michael Jordan (who wore Converses before he hit the pros and became that guy), hit what would become the game-winning shot in the NCAA Championship game.

I think these may be my favorites right now...I've been wearing the hell out of them.

They gave me some limited edition 2008 All Star Game joints when I first met them down in New Orleans back in February. I just don't feel like getting back up to take pictures of them.

Once again, 'preciate ya' Paul and Converse.

(ya'll ain't the only ones with Fresh Produce, Kaos. Hahaha)

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4cryinoutloud said...

if i take pictures and post them on my blog, can i get some free converses too? my fav color is purple, thanks.