Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photos: Grind Time and the Core DJ's Awards Show


Aight so, the big homie Killer Mike invited me out to roll to the Core DJ's Awards Show where they were going to be giving him a "Legendary Artist" award. Nice gesture on their behalf.

Although he invited me on the cool, I figured I'd still bring my camera to capture some moments. Glad I did because I actually had a pretty good time. I usually hate sitting in VIP booths because its so cramped and pretentious. But, this time I actually had a good time, guess the experience depends on the company you're with at the time.

But sheid, you know me, I ain't stay in the corner for too too long, had to roam. The show itself was cool. It was very long, but to their credit there were no delays and lag times. It kept going...and going...and going. Of course like most shows like this, the first hour or so, hell pretty much the majority of the show featured performances by people you never heard of. Some of it was entertaining, some of it, was not.

I'm not going to talk too much about it seeing as how it happened days ago and I just now got the chance (and behaving computer) to upload the pics. But I will say that the high-point of the show was when this chick with biggest, fakest ass known to man hit the stage:

Some of ya'll may know who the chick is. I've met and seen her before, she's kinda known in the "modeling" game down South. When I say "high-point" I mean as in what got the crowd going the most. I guess the Playoffs got everybody in the mood to see bouncing basketballs.

The low-point I have to say is when they brought Bonecrusher and Killer Mike to give them their appreciation awards, the DJ cued up a couple seconds of "Neva Scared" but the show organizers didn't let them perform the song.

All I'm saying is, that the crowd went wild just off that couple seconds of the intro. They were screaming for a performance. Bone and Killer were ready to crank it up...but no haps. Last time I checked the DJ is supposed to give the people what they ask for, right? So how come at the Core DJ's the people ain't get that? Just a question. I don't think it would've hurt anything.

But yeah, here are some of the pics from the night. Enjoy, share, compare. Peace.


Баян said...

first aren't thea way to many award shows and titles being given out nowadays that the shit becomes devaluated?
or is your legendary status proportionally dependent on the number of times u are awarded this title by various organizations?
Mike seems a cool dude and a beast on the mic 'n i respect him, but legendary? Out of the two in "Pressure" who's really legendary? LOL
this ain't aimed at Mike but at those shows organizers
and then, u don't let "The Legend", according to you, get down on the mic to perform a song?
yeah legends have to know they place i guess LMAO

southpeezy said...
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southpeezy said...

@ Баян yo. tell me where you're from and at man. i think you might have told me before. please forgive me, i forgot.

Баян said...

UA bruh, Ukraine that is