Monday, April 27, 2009

Fonzworth Bentley Is Kinda Jammin'

Say what you will about this dude, he makes some pretty jammin' music. I'm not saying that I like every song that's he's made and released over the last few years, but disappointment is not frequent thing when it comes to this dude's stuff.

The first song I heard of his was "Laid Back" when it was on his myspace page back when myspace was ALL of the rage. I was very surprised that I liked it. Then I heard "A-Town Streets" and thought that was pretty cool song.

But even though I was liking some of his music, I still couldn't get over buddy. Like, he always reminded me of that too pretty dude you went to school with. You know, that dude who was always too pretty to dress out for P.E., who never hit the basketball court or the football field, but sat in the bleachers talking with the girls. Not "to the girls" but "with the girls"...there is a difference. So I guess that always kept me from liking dude music all the way and coupling that with his TV personality, I could never really take buddy seriously.

But then I saw him freestyling on this MTV special about Kanye West when he was snapping and then when I heard "C.O.L.O.U.R.S" and saw that he had Pimp C (RIP) on it, I was like, well damn, maybe he is to be taken seriously. I mess with most of what Pimp co-signs.

I guess all of that is leading up to the new song I heard today, "Greener" featuring Anthony Hamilton:

As the homie Gotty said over at Smoking Section today, songs like this make you wonder why Kanye hasn't put this man's album out. Of course over the years, I've seen that its not always the label bosses that shut stuff down. Sometimes the artists don't do what they need to be doing on their end. So, I mean, maybe Bentley been busy putting out his books and umbrellas. But still, like the homie said, Farnsworth is able to garner attention and create the music that both fits his lifestyle and appeals to others with out blog rants and media antics.


Lowskiwoski said...

Yeah, I feel the same way. It way hard to just come out and say "that new Fonzworth is jammin" to the fellas but it is what it is. Did you see the video for "Everybody" with 3 Stacks?

Баян said...

mane u serious? the dude is lame, in this jawn at least

shit, some fawks think Mase was lame, against this one, Mase is a fierce MC
thers' nothing to listen to in hea, it comes it goes
i'ma check som mo of him, let's see if i find some pearls