Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Muffy-"Sweet" video

Aight shawty...first time I heard this song was when I first ever saw Muffy perform. It had to be at the Drunken Unicorn about two years ago. So I pretty much got introduced to the entire Muffy experience all at the same time. She was throwing candy from off the stage and I remember getting hit in the head with a piece of chocolate.

I ain't gonna lie, I thought this song was annoying as hell...then on top of that the imagery reminded me of ol' girl from The Last Dragon that sang that "Test Drive" song (3:14 mark). But after I heard it a few times I started liking it.

If you never heard this song before (where have you been?), its pretty much some ol' gold-digging pop music, but I fugg with it though. It looks like her team are about to make an official move with her music now. I'm curious to see what happens, I always thought she had star potential, but her performances were like...confined chaos. I know she's been in the lab with Shondrae aka Bangladesh for a minute now, so lets see what happens. Hope she don't fugg around and get compared to Nicki Minaj though...that wouldn't be fair. Muffy been on this whole colorful character shit for a minute.

Spotted at Playground


Jake said...

Shit...I really wanna like it, cuz she's cute and whatnot...this just ain't it. I did think "Dope Boi" was very dope. Maybe Bangs can hit her with some more heat like that.

QuantumPeach said...

hmmm, i like her afro puffs and accessories and she kinda looks like Ashanti! I dig Muffy though, I like her verse on "Who dat" off off the Bangladesh's Passport Music