Monday, December 14, 2009

Z-Pac (ZaZa Pachulia)-"Tamashi"

The above photo will forever be etched in my memory. I was at this game and it was one of the proudest moments in Hawks history if you ask me. From that point on I respected ZaZa.

But this next moment I will be sharing with

Lang Whitaker got a chance to travel with the Hawks a couple weeks ago and in a random locker room conversation, he found out that ZaZa recorded a rap song some years ago. I don't speak Georgian (Russian that is), but it sounds like they are talking some gangsta shit. The song opens with gunshots and revving engines, as if they about to ride on somebody. Then the rest of the song has police sirens throughout it. Lemme find out ZaZa is down for the 187!?!

The beat sounds like some gangsta shit too, got women singing on it and everything, almost made me want to start C-walking. But yeah Hawks and Hip Hop fans, I'm sure you will enjoy this. ZaZa has the second verse on the song.

You think if David Stern heard this he'd trip on ZaZa the same way he did when Iverson made his rap song? Oh...and for the record, ZaZa is a much better rapper than Ron Artest.

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