Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mach Five-"Alright"

Mach Five is another group falling from the City of Ink creative family tree. They don't sound like Hollyweerd (to me at least), but that's the closest frame of reference that I can give ya'll before you check it out for yourselves.

The duo consists of artist/painter/fashion designer Corey Davis and A.Ware. From what I remember they've been around for about a year now and I've been checking their music and shows out from day one. They have a couple cool songs under their belts, namely "You and Me," "Always Right," "It Ain't The Same," "Love Life" and this other joint they used to have on their Myspace page a while back that I can't remember right now.

Think Pharcyde but on some futuristic shit. This is the first look from their Sex On A Sunday LP that hits iTunes on January 1st. It looks like they are rolling with the tamer version of the cover art for now. I'ma let ya'll dig around for the other version. It was.....very interesting.

Oh yeah, they also happen to run two of my favorite blogs at the moment Greedmont Park/Playground. Check those out when you get a chance.

Mach Five-"Alright"

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