Friday, December 11, 2009

Dirty Bird: Atlanta Falcon player Jonathan Babineaux Facing Fed Charges

Atlanta Falcons starting defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux not only throws caution to the wind, he makes caution his bitch.--Creative Loafing

I'm sorry, but that quip was funny...

Anyways, Jonathan Babineaux is facing fed charges after riding and getting caught with over an ounce of marijuana in his car...that had the windows tinted beyong legal level...having no tag light...and having an expired tag.

I mean...I've made my share of mistakes on the road...but c'mon shawty.


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M said...

big difference btwn federal charges and felony charges.. must have been a typo on your part..if the Feds are coming after ppl for some weed then everyone is trouble lol!