Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sade-"Soldier of Love"

Sade-"Soldier of Love"

Obviously the internets are already going crazy over this song...but I have to admit, upon first listen I wasn't really feeling this. Granted, I am just waking up from a crazy night and I'm a little out of it, but yeah, eh, I'ma need this one to grow on me. Don't get me wrong, this song will definitely be put to use when the opportunity arises, but its probably not gonna be something I ride to on the regular, like I do the rest of my Sade songs. But Sweetback gets down with the instrumental at the end.

I think folks just happy to get some new Sade in their life, which I am too. Its kinda like when Grandma comes home for Christmas, you happy as hell to see her...but when you find out she ain't cooking or bearing gifts, you kinda like, uh...aight den Granny.

I'm gonna have to hear the rest of the album because I'm not sold with this joint alone.

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wyndero said...

What's not to like? The song is banging, the production is top notch, it even has the classic Sade feel to it. Shawty, you will regret not backing this one from jump street!!!