Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Freddie Gibbs-The Labels Tryin' To Kill Me [extended internet edition] mixtape

...this infomercial reminds me of that old NWA hotline commercial from back in the day. ya'll remember that?

Not sure about ya'll but ever since I got put onto Freddie Gibbs I've gone back and listened to all of his older material. For those that haven't had the time to do the same Gibbs, DJ Skee and The Smoking Section have hooked up to bring you The Labels Tryin' To Kill Me...some what of Best Of and compilation of some of his older songs and more recent ones.

Don't be alarmed by the 80 song tracklisting. Most of it is just verses, however there are some new and whole songs on there. They left off my favorite joints "Doin Dumb Shit" and "The Girls Love It" but this still seems to be a pretty solid project.

There's probably a song or two on here that you've already heard and never realized...like his guest verse on "The True" which appeared on The Knux' Remind Me In 3 Days... album last year. Cover and tracklisting after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: Freddie Gibbs-The Labels Tryin' To Kill Me [extended internet version]

Yes...it is.

1. Things Can Only Get Better
2. Nigga Machine
3. Empire Strikes Back
4. Never Forget Me
5. Stay High
6. In My Hood
7. Young’n On His Grind
8. I’m That Nigga
9. Big Biz 3
10. The Game
11. Thug Psalms
12. Rock Boys
13. I’m The Man
14. Murdergame
15. Fresh
16. 4 Da Streets
17. About To Be A Murder
18. The Wrong One
19. Pearly Gates
20. We Does This
21. It’s a Robbery
22. Bring Me Down
23. Imperial
24. Fuck Rap
25. How I Feel
26. Iodine Poison
27. Midwest Malcolm
28. G.I. Pride
29. Come Around My Way
30. Just Tryin’ Ta Make It
31. Neverending Cycle
32. Product Of The Hood
33. Freddie’s Dead
34. Block Muzik
35. Run Up To Me
36. Womb 2 The Tomb
37. F.R.E.D.D.I.E.
38. Murda On My Mind
39. Games U Playin’
40. On The Creep
41. In The Projects
42. For My Niggas
43. Fuck What Ya Heard
44. Hoes Betta Recognize
45. Fear No Evil
46. Nigga I’m Back
47. Boxframe Cadillac
48. What It Be Like
49. Goodies
50. The True
51. Let It Go
52. Midwest Muzik
53. Still Standing
54. Scary Gary
55. Bussashot
56. Gangsta
57. Hard Times
58. Life In The Fastlane
59. Flamboyant
60. Fuck Rap pt. 2
61. County Bounce
62. Another Day (In My Hood)
63. G.I. Swangin’
64. From Tha G
65. Straight Ballin’
66. Hold Me Back
67. Close Your Eyes
68. Smoke Away The Pain
69. Steel City Stick Up Kid
70. Can’t Stop Me
71. Clean Than A Muthafucka
72. Summa Dis
73. Breakin’ Necks
74. Talkin’ Bout You
75. Deez Hoes
76. Playa
77. Sumthin’ U Should Know
78. Stray
79. Dick In The Morning
80. Bussdown
81. How We Do (’93 Til…)

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