Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Jam: New Edition-"You Don't Have To Worry [remix]" (1996)


Ok so...I was reminded of this song by my potna ponta Kim. She said she was watching an old episode of New York Undercover and this came on.

I forgot how jammin this song was. But I was also reminded of why I could never really enjoy this video...shirtless Bobby Brown doing his best Ginuwine (who was the new hot thing at the moment) "Pony" impersonation. Other than that and Mike Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe's terrible mid-90s-faux-Italianio-mafioso raps at the end, this shit still jammin. Too bad that New Edition Reunion tour that's advertised in this video didn't last too long.

But yeah, this video got 1996 (one of my favorite years in life, period) written all over it. The clothes, the then-mandatory Puff adlibs and fingerwave-rocking Missy Elliot hee-heeing at the beginning of the track.

New Edition was, still and will always be the sh*t. I remember the first concert I ever went to was them, Fat Boys and Whodini at the Fox. Then I remember getting that N.E. Heartbrak tape and new radio for Christmas when I was like 7 or 8. Happy as hell.



w said...

its great remix

Anonymous said...

96 was a great year (music, fashion, etc.)--I totally agree! great blog...just happened to come across it.