Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ozone Awards 2008: Day 1

Last night the Ozone Awards had its official kick-off party at Bar Rio...which was faaaar as hell from the host hotel downtown.

As soon as I walked in there, I felt uncomfortable as hell. Is it me, or does it seem like excessive frisking, hell, frisking period only goes down at "urban" events. All of the "non-urban" events I go to, I'm allowed to walk right in. The most they might do is check a bag or something. But at the "urban" events these security guards frisk you down like they saw you running from across the street with a bag of loot.

So, when I walked into Bar Rio (after some uncessary negotiating with the guy at the door) I finally got in and got frisked by two different dudes. Then, they ORDERED (not asked) to empty my pockets. The funny thing about it is that the dude who ordered me to do so made direct eye contact with me like I was supposed to be scared of him or some shit.

Then, when I got in, I tried to sit guard told me I couldn't sit there. Then, I tried to stand somewhere else...I was told that I couldn't stand there unless I was gonna buy a bottle and sit in VIP, no thanks.

Then, I decided to enjoy a guard told me I couldn't smoke, I had to go outside. So, when I went to the bar to ask the bartender for an ashtray to put it out, he started flailing his hands talking about "nonononono, no smoky" damn man, I'm just trying to put the shit out, chiil.

By this time I was stressed and ready to go. I didn't want to give this place any of my money but I buckled and started buying drinks to relax. It worked. Hell, it worked very good, because the performers they had on stage (most of which I don't really care for) actually started sounding good.

Then I started running into niggas I knew like Carl, Killer Mike and my dude Jackie Chaine. So that helped.

Anyways, I don't want to make the night sound like it was absolutely horrible, because it wasn't I think I was just a little irritable. But, I did score some footage of Trae aka Mr. Houston performing some of his songs. I fuck with Trae, but I was kinda dissapointed because Z-Ro didn't join him on stage. I was really looking forward to that.

I wrote the cover story on Trae & Z-Ro for the Ozone Awards issue. Anyone that knows about these two know that they are probably the only rap group in the world where the members absolutely do not talk to each other. What makes it even crazier is that they are cousins on top of that.

In the story they told me that even though they ain't on speaking terms, they still do what they have to do business wise, hense, they were able to crank out that ABN album that just dropped. Plus, they said they was gonna perform together at this show. Unfortunatly, Z-Ro was nowhere to be found, but Trae still handled his.

Here is some footage:

Trae Performing "Who's The Man"

Trae Performing "No Help" & "Swang" rmx feat. Pimp C (RIP) and Hawk (RIP)...damn. Trae the only living person that song. B.G. seemed to be enjoying himself at the end of the vid.

Oh yeah...

Much love to Bun B who was looking on from the balcony like a true King. It kinda made my night when I walked up to him to say whats up and he looked mad at first, but realized it was me and was like "oh, Maurice? Whats up man!"

No love to the 4 pregnant women I saw in the club last night. That shit there will NEVER be cool. "Love In the Club" is one thing..."Birth In the Club" is another.

Bonus: I went on ahead and added this Glasses Malone footage too. You probably can't tell but he had alot of Cali artists on stage with him. From both the Bay and L.A. Mistah FAB, Sam Quinn, Tha Jacka just to name a few.


Баян said...

mane, i kinda enjoy ya blog n really was peeping it as Mike vs Antwan beef squash was unfolding, but lemme correct u right quick

it's San Quinn, not Sam Quinn

i'm inclined to attribute this typo to the number of drinks u had at Ozones party LOL

thanks for video footage u bring

BGDB - Video - Trae & Glasses Malone performing at the Ozone Awards Kickoff in Houston, TX said...

[...]The Ozone Awards are going on here in Houston this weekend. Here's some footage of Trae and Glasses Malone at Bar Rio at the kickoff party. Video shot by Maurice.[...]

d frank said...

ha bg throwed off that methadone and tobacco.