Friday, August 15, 2008

Killer Mike & DJ Wally Sparks On Some Hip Hop Ish

While I was out in Houston for the Ozone Awards Weekend I got up with a few of my friends here and there. One night in particular I got up with Killer Mike, DJ Wally Sparks and my dude G.Davis.

As with any room with dudes and liquor in it, cats started debating about Hip Hop amongst other things. Since I had my handy Flip cam on me, I went on ahead and captured some of the talk.

In this video Mike, Wally and G start off talking about what were Biggie and Pac's "classic" albums and then ended up talking about what were the best D.I.T.C. albums. Yes, folks down south listened to D.I.T.C. albums. Anyways, I just wanted to share this video of what I've found to become a rarity...and rapper and a DJ actually talking about Hip Hop from a fan's standpoint...with no mention of Soundscan numbers.


i'm just an ordinary negro... said...

that's a convo that i would've loved to jump in on. what up Wally? first time i've EVER seen him without a Tennessee shirt or hat, socks, somethin on, lol...

crunkite said...


@ jaycee

LOL... I had a Chattanooga Lookouts fitted on the day before that. You know like one Kool Keith wore on the cover of the "Four Horsemen" album.

I had to rock the Florida Marlins fitted that day to match the Lacoste and AM90's. You know all a playa do is stay fresh!!