Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Goodie Mob Reunited

So...last night. The choice was: Free Bun B show at The Loft or Free Nelly show at The Tabernacle or Lloyd at Pure.

I chose Bun. Obviously all the women were gonna be at the Nelly show and the late night action was gonna be at the Lloyd show. I chose Bun tho. Then...I get an email from my nigga Matt The Mayor:

Sent: Aug 19, 2008 10:28 PM
Subject: Where u at????????? Urgent!!!!!

Maurice Garland
Subject: Re: Where u at????????? Urgent!!!!!
Sent: Aug 19, 2008 10:53 PM

At bun b show. What's good

Aug 19, 2008 at 11:03 PM
Re: Where u at????????? Urgent!!!!!
Man.... Goodie mob just performed at Nelly concert!! even ceelo perform with these nigga!!!


No lie...i went around to every person I knew at the show, showing them the email. Everybody had the same reaction....slight disappointment.

You can't get too mad because you're at a free Bun B show. But at the same time, you're like, damn.

I mean, the whole day. I was clowning cats who chose to go to the Nelly show over Bun's show. I like Nelly, but c'mon now. But I'll be damned, Pimp Juice brought out every fourth of the Goodie Mo-B.

Bun, who evidently went to the Nelly show before hitting the stage and I must add, reads EVERYBODY'S BLOGS...sent pics over to Eskay.

I got this pic outside after the Bun show. That's cool how they all swung over to show support. Sometimes I wish I was more ruthless with the camera. I could have easily got a pic inside. But Gipp asked me to respect their space. Which I can completely understand. Unlike the Nas/Jay-Z shit...Goodie Mob were friends and brothers before rap stardom. Same goes with the Big Boi/Killer Mike shit. After I got those pics and video of them, alot of folks were wanting me to get them together for interviews and stuff. But we have to realize, those dudes were friends and just now started back talking to each other again...gotta respect the situation and their space.

But, Gipp assured me that they was gonna look out for me later, and they did. I'm grateful for that. I'm also grateful that they let me snap this pic on the strength of remembering me from an article I did on Soul Food a few months ago.

I got some video of the Bun show that I'll post later. I'm kinda tired right now and don't feel like waiting on the YouTube uploads this very second. But I got ya'll though.

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Señor Kaos said...

You the Champ Homie.

Show was great. Bun made some rounds while he was here.

What song did Goodie do at Tabernacle? Im interested too know.

We'll have some Bun pics and footage from the show sometime tomorrow too.

Баян said...

it's Bun who should've invited them to perform at his gig LOL

Eyez said...



work is kickin my ass tho...

never again!!!

Todd said...

Damn that crazy! I got too drunk to go to any show last night.

FireBrand said...

you know what's wild? I was actually THERE at the nelly shit. fine women were in abundance. Then I decided that I wasn't going to stand in a line for an hour for Nelly.


I had fun at the Bun B shit tho.

*Blog Ladi* said...

that's quite funny maurice. here's how my text with Jen went last night at 11:00pm while i was at the nely concert and she was at bun b:

Iz'e: bun b here.
Jen: what? did nelly ever show up?
Iz'e: yep. gucci mane, bun b, mario r&b, jd, GOODIE MOB REUNION!!! CLASSIC!! =)
Jen: FUCK!!!

If I learned anything last night, it's that Nelly can actually rap. I hope he writes his own stuff! =)

Anonymous said...

big up to Southwest Atlanta and Goodie MoB and the whole DF.

"i am still standing, unscathed!"
-thomas callaway

Anonymous said...

ok things are falling into place for the Dungeon Family..first big and mike and now this.. now we need big and dre to link up and then perform a show with Goodie here in atlanta. sheeeeet even get breeze and doc to come out and do some verses.. make it happen maurice

Chris said...

Yeah shawty,

We need some "Soul Food" right about now. Dont get me wrong the Pledge 2 the Grind 2" keep an ATLien going but Da Goodie shawty!!!! The DF need to restore our Southern Hip-Hop Prestige.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I was sooo happy when they came out..but Outkast, Cool Breeze,Slim Calhoun, and Goodie on tour would be awesome! =)