Thursday, August 14, 2008

MTV @ Ozone Awards

pssst...Sway. Trae isn't signed to Rap-A-Lot anymore. Damn though, I was hoping they were gonna show footage of the funniest part of the show.

After Mike Jones got snuffed, he disappeared for a minute. He was scheduled to present the DJ of the Year alongside Alfamega, but he wasn't around. So, David Banner came on stage in his place.

Banner kinda had a smirk on his face when he said "Mike Jones wasn't able to make it, so I will present in his place." Then, Mike Jones came from behind the curtain...

From there it was pure comedy. First, shocked and surprised, Banner gave the mic back to Mike. Then, Alfamega, in that old-scraggly voice of his asked Mike, before a brief pause:

"You aight, boy? Are you ok?"

I'm sorry, you had to hear the way he said that shit, it was funny, trust me.

After that, Mike actually walked AWAY from the podium and just started pacing the stage talking. After asking questions like "Where H-Town at?" and "Where my Cuddie Buddies at?" he got nothing but crickets. He didn't stop there, he kept talking. I was hoping he would just shut up, because he was really playing himself, I actually felt sorry for dude. The way he was behaving reminded me of that scene in Dreamgirls when James "Thunder" Early made an ass of himself at the Rainbow Records reunion. JIMMY GOT SOUL! JIMMY GOT SOUL! JIMMY GOT, JIMMY GOT, JIMMY GOT S-O-U-L SOOOOULLL!!!

For real man, had he just came up there, showed face and presented the award and leave, he would have saved alot of face.

So then, after dude finally decides to read the script that was prepared for him, they present the award to the winner, DJ KHALED.

After that man...easily the moment of the year.

After getting his award Khaled broke into his usual WE DA BESSSSS!!! routine. But, after he said WEE DA BESSS! WHO?!? if on cue, Mike Jones came out of nowhere on the mic and blurted...MIKE JOOOONES!!!

MAAAAAAAAAAAAN! Perfect comedic timing shawty. That shit was funny. I'm really hoping some video of that pops up on the web. As many NWC (Niggas Wit Cameras) networks were there, its bound to pop up somewhere.

You had to be there...

Clip spotted @ NahRight

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