Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Art Show This Friday: TRANSGRESSION

Friday night make sure ya'll hit up the City of Ink for their latest art show, TRANSGRESSION.

The show will feature the works of two of Atlanta's, if not the country's dopest artists. Goldi Gold and Mr. Soul.

If you're not familiar with the names, you are definitely familiar with their work. Amongst other things, Goldi Gold is the man behind those now infamous FREE DRAMA & CANNON t-shirts.

Mr. Soul has pretty much done every other Atlanta-based crew/record label logo from the Dungeon Family to Block Ent. He's also done some very recognizable album covers:

If you haven't been to an City of Ink art show, you're really missing out. They usually have good ass food, stiff drinks and beautiful people and minds all around. So if you aren't doing anything, make sure you fall through. I'm hoping I can make high school reunion party kicks off around that time. Should be interesting.

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Goldi gold said...

your ever so kind sir, appreciate the shout fam!!!!