Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Merry Christmas From the Dungeon Family

When you put enough "Pressure" on 'em..."Something's Gotta Give"

The above picture is not a Photoshop job. God was definitely in the building on August 5th 2008.

Last Saturday, Killer Mike and Big Boi, after three years of non-communication, finally spoke on the phone.

After hearing Big Boi on Gangsta Grillz radio responding to his video, Killer Mike sensed another shot being taken. Mike hit a mutual friend, and consultant to both Big and Mike, Bear Sills, to see what was really up.

The crazy thing is, around the same time Made made that call, he was on his way to record the first edition of his Sunday Morning Massacre series...with intent to go at Big Boi for the remarks.

Fortunately/unfortunately, a bad storm hit Atlanta and knocked the power out over a large portion of the city, including the studio where Mike planned to record. Big Boi's uncle Darnell and Bear were encouraging Big to peace things up once and for all.

While on the phone, Big Boi's son, Cross, sensed that something was wrong from overhearing the phone conversation between Mike and Bear. Up to this point, neither Mike nor Big told their children about their recent back-and-forths.

Cross then asked Big, "you and Killer Mike not friends no more?" After Big told him "nah," Cross (just like so many Dungeon Family fans) expressed his dissapointment over the situation. When his son sat quiet and angry, fuming over what he was just told...Big asked what was wrong. Cross responded, "I'm mad you and Killer Mike not friends no more."

At that point, Big pulled over and stopped and told Bear to call Mike. As Bear was about to call Mike, Mike was calling Bear. Bear answered the phone and handed it to Big Boi...and they had a brief and sincere conversation.

This picture is the result of their talk.

HIP HOP/Dungeon Family:1
PETTY RAP BEEF/Bullshit: 0

Stay tuned to THEREZIDUE.COM for more details, pictures and video from this historical (and coincidental) event.


Janee TMB said...

That's dope... Cross killed the beef -- what a beautiful thing.

thomasan said...

...and the whole world loves it when you're in the news

Fresh said...

i love it... Maturity!

clyde said...

I don't believe photo ops
no diss
but after game/fif
and all these other dudes hugging and kissing
i could care less
but watching this photo
Mike looks like a Offensive Lineman
and Big looks like Jermaine Dupri

ChicaGOrilla said...

Once again MG comes thru in the clutch

Anonymous said...

Good! Cuz Im tired of this beef bullshit

A little kid had to tell two grown ass men to chill the fuck out!....kids..gotta love em

Now they gotta do a track together!! MAKE MUSIC!!!


Eyez said...

had to be Mo!!

we was just talkin bout this the other Night!

The A Needs This!!

Inori said...

Good Shit

Mikey McFly™ said...

Good Business

FireBrand said...

Good. I'm glad. (c) Rasheed

khal said...

props to the two of them peacing it out. thats whats good.

Mr. Castro said...

On the real, xDungeon Family has got to be THE most consistent label/crew putting out music. I was disappointed myself to hear that Killer and Big Boi were beefin them being to of my favorites ('Kast been that shit funkyplayalistic back in '94). Good for them

j said...

i'm glad they're cool again, but... does mean can we get some new music now?

make it happen encyclopeezia.

ray said...

shout out to my uncle darnell locked up in prison

good shit

Cypha said...

now all we need is for Big and Dre to do another Kast album the right way and every thing will be all good!

thaaftershock said...

Thats whats up man. I was worried about what was going to happen as time went on...

Anonymous said...

big up to the DF and Mike and Twan.. yall were embarrassing atlanta for a minute no joke

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

good for them

Smurl said...

glad to see some true friendship!

Nicholas said...

now if only Cee-Lo and the rest of Goodie could patch shit up the real Kings of the South can show everyone why they been running shit down south since '94