Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big Kuntry King Album Cover

Damn. Kuntry is my nigga. I really fuck with Kuntry. But not this album cover shawty. I get what its supposed to say, mission accomplished there. But naw shawty. Someone don't care about my boy.

What if I was one of these idiots that ain't capable of thinking beyond the surface, right. Say if I saw Big Kuntry video and said "hey, I like this song, let me go buy it" and goes to the record store looking for dudes face on a cover...

First thing I'ma see is a "Cheeseburger." Damn...the burger is in focus and his face is blurred. And he's wearing a hoodie. Not a good idea. Folks gonna think he either on some Fat Boys "All You Can Eat" shit or think its a CD by a rapping burger. Damn. Plus, money is nasty as the millions of hands it touches, fuck around and catch ebola eating that shit.

I hope Kuntry does well though.

Pic swiped from BLVDST

Oh yeah...since we on Grand Hustle. This new Young Dro song is kinda jamming. In a guilty pleasure kinda way. I ain't like at first, but after a few listens, its cool. Has alot of illicit activity in it though, so get your ears ready. Not the usual Dro though. No Fruit Loop Chevys or Sad Blue Jags

Young Dro-"We Can Do It"


clyde said...

fuck it, i don't wanna listen to dro unless he's talking about his fruity pebble whips and shit

Cypha said...

I don't know what's worse, the album cover or the music on the actual album... and yes i've heard the entire thing!

kitkat said...

i wish the album cover was more prominent. I like the album but there are conflicts throughout the cd, like Shawtylo being on it. Or the beginning when Kuntry said Free Tip like he thought he was going to be locked up by the time the CD came out. Then Shawty Lo, TIs long time arch nemisis, is on a song towards the end of the cd...People dont know how old that song is, supposedly recorded before the beef started (which was apparently squashed). I dont know, but I heard that single underground but I like it! one of the better songs but would he be bold and dictating enough to make a video with Lo? To me, that looks phoney, regardless of the beef being squashed bt the two. Without ti, Kuntry would still be underground, hands down. Especially since TI released the video WHat UP in bowen homes: Shawty Lo's claimed territory.

The cd tracks are ok though because i can relate to it, but the transitions from song to song are conflicting.