Tuesday, August 26, 2008

T-Pain feat. The Goblin "I Can't Believe It"

Man. I really like this song. Pretty much everyone that knows me knows that I fux with T-Pain. Even since the first album...shied, even before that when he dropped that remix to Akon's "Locked Up" called "Fucked Up." I can't front though, I wasn't really messing with dude when he was a part of that group Nappy Boys.

But yeah, T-Pain been jamming to me. Alot of folks been hating on dude since day one. I don't care, I like his music. I happened to write his first bio for the Rappa Turnt Sanga album. I also happened to kinda sorta launch the trend of everybody getting him to do hooks for their song. I suggested to E-40 (whaddup 40 Water) that he get the then upstart sanga to do the hook for one of his songs...gave him dudes numbers...and later that night they came up with "U And Dat Booty." I'm not proud of that title, but I am proud of connecting them (*check please?*). I'll forever appreciate the shoutout 40 Water gave me on 106 & Park though.

But any way, dude always manages to come out with a dope ass first single and this one is no different. Shit is jammin. But "I Can't Believe" that they let The Goblin come on this song at the end and absolutely ruin it. Really man, what purpose does The Goblin serve on this record. You can't even decipher what he's saying as he absolutely abuses the vocoder/voice box thingy. Sounds stupid.

As for this video, its pretty cool. It gets a little cheesy towards the end, but over all, its cool. Pretty creative and visually stimulating. Reminds me of the occasional alt rock video that comes up every once in a while that has you scratching your head while bobbing to the song. Its not just another typical performance video or clubs scene joint.

Check it out for yourself and share what you think.


Баян said...

all i ever cared to listen to from Pain is his Rappa Ternt Sanga intro, judging by it he's sick at spittin, i wanted to hear him spit more but he'd ternt sanga by then... his vocalist career? nah

or was it him? sounded too much like Field Mob

*Blog Ladi* said...

hehehehehehehe the goblin =p

Dollarado Jae said...

yeah you right man.. i dont know wtf waynes ass was saying on this shit.. he took that mumblin and voice thing too damn far.. he needs to just let pain handle that..