Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thugnificent Returns!!!!

Its been a while since we heard from the homie Thugnificent. He's been on his grind doing big things over the last couple months. But he reached out to me late last night and insisted that I help him let everybody know what he's been up to lately...and more importantly, let a certain rap group know that he doesn't appreciate them swagger jacking his songs....

August 20, 2008
11:39 pm

Niggas, bitches, hoes, pimps, hustlas, playas, goons and every muthafuckin' grifter I can think of...greetings beloved. This is ya nigga Thugnificent checkin' in live from Terra Belle, GA! Yeah, thats right nigga, I still go back to the hood...WITH MY CHAIN ON NIGGA!!!

I know its been a long ass time since I holla'd at ya'll niggas, but I've been out here grinding. Not in that punk ass DJ Khaled type way either. I'm talking about a real muthafuckin grind homie. I'm talking about 72 hours with no sleep damn near about pass out grinding. Makin' it rain in 5 separate locations on the same night grinding. Cranking out 10 songs a got damn day grinding. Aint nothing to a boss, yasmellme!?!

But anyways, just to let ya'll know, I will be dropping some new music to feed the streets very soon. I had to do it. All these other niggas coming out with albums, so I said fuck it, time for me to drop one too. I don't have an official title for the album yet, but be on the look out for my first single entitled..."I FUCKS WITH OBAMA." I'm basically letting everybody know that Thugnificent and my 19 Million supporters (that bitch Hillary only got 18 Million...GET ON YO GRIND HOE!) really fuck with Obama. The song is gonna be leaking to the net early next week. Obama is a real nigga, ya'll need to fuck with him, for real. Me and the Lethal Interjection Crew are gonna be hitting up Denver for the DNC and do a show right outside in the convention's parking lot performing the new single. We just wanna rally as much support as we can for Obama. Real niggas do real things.

Now...lets get down to what I really wanted to talk about. A couple of weeks ago I was in Houston for the Ozone Awards and shit. This is the third muthafuckin year in a row that I wasn't nominated for the Patiently Waiting: Georgia award. Niggas need to get off the bullshit and stop hating on ya boy. Who hotter than me right now nigga? Name a nigga hotter than me. I dare you! If you can name a nigga hotter than me right now...I'll slap the shit outta ya for lying.

Anyways, I still decided to go show my support. Never know, the nigga who wins the award might not show up and they might fuck around, come to their senses and give that shit to me. Knowhatimsayin.

Anyway nigga. I went to one of the parties down there. Nothing to major, just smokin that orange lavender. Fuck purp, get ya weight up nigga. If you ain't smokin orange lavender, you aint shit nigga. But yeah, we in the VIP, fuckin with the hoes, poppin bottles. I didn't bring any cash with me to make it rain. So me and my niggas just started throwing our American Express Black Cards like ninja stars in the crowd. I had 'em hatin too nigga. You shoulda seen it. I was putting these hatin ass niggas eyes out! So fuck saying "Hi Hater"...I got the new motto for '08..."Find A Hater, Blind A Hater!!!"

Anyways, as I'm leaving the club with some these hatin ass niggas' girlfriends, I heard the DJ playing a song that sounded very familiar. So familiar, I thought it was my shit, "Booty Butt Cheeks." Nigga, don't act like ya'll don't know that shit. Ya'll nigga know about me! In case you forgot nigga, here's a quick reminder of when I came through Woodcrest and shut that shit down!!! Fast forward to the 2-minute mark on that bitch.

I STILL don't know how I ain't get an Ozone Award for that! Fuck it. Like I was saying, I thought I heard the DJ playing my shit. I was about to walk up to the booth and give nigga some props, but then he turned the music up a little I could hear it better. Come to find out, niggas are jacking my shit!!! This song had the same muthafuckin beat and damn near the same muthafuckin words! My song says "Booty Butt Cheeks"...these niggas song went "Move Dem Buttcheeks"...aint this some shit!?!

When I got to the DJ booth, I asked him what that bullshit was. He said its the new single from this group called the TMI Boyz and that the song was called "Move Dem Buttcheeks." Well I be gotdamned! Niggas stay biting Thugnificent!

Look. I told niggas to bask in this Thugnificense...I ain't tell niggas to bring a bottle and steal any of it. The "TMI" in TMI Boyz must stand for "Thugnificent's My Inspiration."

I heard these the same niggas that beat up Kia Shine at the SEA's. But in the words of the late great Bernie Mac...I AINT SCARED OF YOU MUTHA FUCKA!

NEW RAP BEEF NIGGA! Thugnificent and the Lethal Interjection Crew vs. TMI Boyz. We can do this however you want nigga. You saw what happened to the last nigga that bit Thugnificent. I didn't even have to slap the nigga myself!!!

This gonna be the last time I entertain this kinda shit though. Like I said earlier, I'm down with Change. So, make sure you support my new single, "I FUCKS WITH OBAMA." See ya'll niggas in Denver.

Thug out.


Janee TMB said...

Hey where can I get some of that orange lavender???

I love these joints.

L.I. Tucker said...

i love it!

Chris said...

Ay shawty,

As a fellow GA native I feel Thugnificent we got a lot of swagga jackas out there. Around my way they call that orange lavender that "Steve Nash" or that "MVP". lol

Monk said...

"You shoulda seen it. I was putting these hatin ass niggas eyes out! So fuck saying "Hi Hater""

LMAO!! Man I caught a visual when reading this that has me dieing laughing!!