Monday, August 4, 2008

Alfamega-"New South"

Lame and Blantant joke Warning!!!

"New South" is an "old song"...*drum kick*...get it? get it?

Anyway, I stumbled across this video over at Nah Right and since no one over there was talking about it, I figured I swipe it and share it with ya'll. This is from 'Mega's crunk days when he was signed to Universal. He was slated to drop an album called Below The Mason-Dixie but it got shelved. From the songs I heard off that joint, the blantant crunkness sounded a bit forced, but it was still cool in that Mega was still at least trying to rap and say something worth listening to over the beats.

Here, he rides on George Bush and KKK among others. The imagery in the video paints a picture of a time when the South was actually united. Nowadays, eh, not so much. There's a new beef popping by the minute now.

But, make sure ya'll check out some of Mega's music. Me personally, like the stuff when he's actually talking about something or telling stories. I don't really care for the blatant club songs he drops...hi Melissa ;-)

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