Monday, August 4, 2008

BOAZ-"Crazy World"

I'm showing some birthplace love today. Check out this new one from Boaz out of Pittsburgh. Anybody who has a track sampling Jamiroquai is good with me. Boaz did his thing on there too, as he should.

The Burgh ain't had a music star since Sam Sneed (if he can be considered a "star"), so its about time somebody come out and represent. I never really got into the Wiz Khalifa cat like that even though he's pretty much had The Burgh on his back for the last couple years, but, I'm still glad to see someone making noise that goes past the North Side or Manchester.

Boaz-"Crazy World"

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YaBoy Po said...

eh bra you needa understudy lol or a mentoree or something a free marice garland intern i dont need no perks jus wanna soak up some game from a great hip hop writer bra