Friday, August 8, 2008

Gorilla Zoe Interview on Scream TV

I just got this video from my folks over at Block Ent. Since Block swear I "don't fuck with them," I figured I'd show love. Ya'll know I fux with ya'll heavy man. But peep this interview Zoe did with DJ Scream.

Also, peep this artwork and tracklisting for Zoe's upcoming mixtape, I Am Atlanta:

If my memory serves me correctly, this is pretty much identical to the album he's supposed to be releasing (which was jammin for the most part, based off what he let me hear), I guess they're planning on making some new stuff that project.

Now, I know alot of folks out there kinda be hating on Zoe's music. Alot of folks pretty much be like "buddy cool as hell, I just don't like his music." I mean, I mess with most of his music. Not every ounce of it, but I can say that because sheid, I've told him that I prefer his introspective narratives more than his club joints. Plus, from being in the studio with dude a few times, I know that he genuinely goes in the booth and makes the best stuff he possibly can because he genuinely wants to be the best artist that he possibly gotta respect that.

Oh yeah, I'd been meaning to post this "Lost" track he did with Lil Wayne but never quite got around to it. But check it out though. I ain't gonna lie, the first time I heard this song I was like "why my nigga sound like Dracula" but after listening to it again, its a pretty dope song. I dunno man, I f*ck with Zoe man, stop hating on dude.

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