Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Atlanta, GAy: Atlanta Named Gayest City In America

Shawty...what the fuhg is THIS shit about?

According to gay magazine The Advocate, Atlanta is sweeter than a pack of honey buns. I mean, if you live here, its obvious that the gay lifestyle is very visible and accepted. But shied, it don't really bother me because I don't hang where the gay folks hang. Only time I get annoyed is when they do all that exhibitionist shit. Like I said before, heterosexuals and homosexuals are equally annoying when they are out to get attention...

But yeah, about this article. They are pretty much saying that Atlanta is the gayest place in America because there's plenty of recreational activities for gays to get into, there's a high number of Atlantans with profiles on gay dating sites and alot of "gay" movies get rented here. Not because of laws supporting the lifestyle...not because of the number of gay elected officials...but pretty much because there's plenty of things and places (29 gay bars to be exact) for gay people to go be gay at. Correct me if I'm wrong, but...I thought gay people were gay wherever they went?

I mean hell, when I'm out having a drink with a lady, I still see gay people around...does that make the establishment gay? When I'm in the club and the DJ decides to play an old Chingy song...does that immediately make the club gay? (jokes man) And how Atlanta is "gayer" than New York and San Francisco (which didn't make their list for some reason) I don't know...but I can't lie man. I don't know how I feel about living in the "gayest" place in America.

If my city was dubbed "the murder capital" or "the poorest city in America" I'd probably feel the same way as in...welp, looks like this ain't the place for me if I want to live and have money. I mean shit, who wants to live somewhere where murder and poverty are the main attractions? I'm a heterosexual dude...why would I want to live in the "gayest" place in the country?

Now with a label like this, I was expecting most of my homeboys to be the ones who felt a certain way about it. Lord knows dudes can't stand being around no gay shit. But actually, I've heard more gripes from my female friends. A couple of them said that this kind of news is straight up depressing and are considering moving. Couple that attitude with the fact that a lot of more gay folk are probably gonna come to Atlanta to see if the shit is true means that hell, Atlanta is only going to get gayer.

I don't have any hatred towards gays at all, but I don't know if I want to stick around for that. Although I feel that young people are able to start making decisions about their lives when they start taking care of themselves...but "what about the kids?" Say if you grew up in the "fattest city in America" and all you hear about is how fat your surroundings are...don't you think that after while you gonna get in where you fit (or shimmy) in.

If you were an immigrant looking to settle here in the States...would you move to the most "racist city in America?"

I mean, I'm cool...I'm just making an observation and cracking a couple jokes as usual. Atlanta been pretty gay for a while now, I guess articles like this are just the icing on the cake. But I'm curious as to how my fellow Atlantans (or whoever wants to chime in), feels about this. I remember back in the day when I'd visit family out of town they ask me cool shit like "hey have you met Dominique? do you know Kriss Kross?" After that it was "hey you been to Freaknik? do you know Outkast?" Then it was "ay man yall got all the hoes!" But now, niggas be like "giat dayum shawty...yall kinda gay aint'cha?"

I guess I'm just laughing at how its worded..."gayest place in America"...not "most gay friendly" or "most lifestyle accepting"...but just the got damn "gayest"...smh....hahaha...damn shawty.

But yeah...feel free to share your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

gays are everywhere...that's how I feel about it bruh. This study was done by a gay magazine...of course they will only be where the fuck boys are.

The women complaining be around the f!#s...excuse me...others...whatever...all the time letting them do hair, nails, and sell gay ass bags and fashion to them so they shouldn't even be complaining. And then go on to endorse the F@#$#ry on tv and's disgusting.

I do not endorse gay shit. I know Atlanta has some type of gay pride parade or some shit that happens every year and that brings them here. And on some real shit the only time I see em is downtown when I'm at work but it's a known fact that Midtown is the base.

AS far as 29 gay bars...I have no knowledge of that whatsoever cuz I'm not in that circle. Guys stick to places they know and women be out trying to experiment with different places and that's where they run into the fa...gays.

And gay also takes into account the lesbians as well. I'm willing to bet most of the gays are white. Also Atlanta has pretty big population. Last time I checked it was like 6.5 million in Metro Atlanta (is probably more than that by now) so yes some of the people will be gay.

and How San Francisco & New York didn't make it makes the entire article INVALID.