Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Atlanta's Stars of the Day: General Larry Platt and Another MARTA Lady

The homie Flex from Rolling Out just told me that General Larry Platt actually has a manager...the lady on the MARTA train however does not.

Ever since I got my dear Claudine I haven't rode the MARTA...I feel disconnected from my people. I used to see stuff like this all of the time, pre-camera phone footage.

Anyways...this lady in the video needs some help. Hope someone offers her some.

But yeah...the city is looking really crazy on the web today. Not only do we have these two circulating...our most popular rapper right now is named Waka Flocka and he got shot because he didn't want to give up his jewelry...then on top of that, we've been voted the "Gayest City In America"...I ain't got nothing against gay folks...but damn...that shit just sounds, well...gay.

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M said...

atlanta taking a big loss right now..gayest city, pants on the ground, marta crack lady.. if we lose to sacramento tonight i'm moving to miami