Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fake Shore Drive Interviews Freddie Gibbs

Very happy to see this interview go down. I put the Chicago homie Andrew Barber from FakeShoreDrive up on Freddie Gibbs some months ago after the folks over at TSS did the same for me. And just like everyone else that takes a listen to this mans music, they become fans almost instantly. Gibbs raps about how he "just a hop, skip and a jump from the CHI" but yet cats don't show him no love. Well, with THE Chicago blog interviewing him while he's in town with Mikkey Halsted, it looks like all of that is changing.

In what I think may be Gibbs' first online interview since his Miseducation... and Midwestgangsta... mixtape were released, he speaks on everything from his former relationshp with Interscope records, his influences (Tela was one of my favorite rappers too) and his approach to making songs.


Anonymous said...

realest rapper alive.

Andrew Barber said...

thanks for posting Mo!

Баян said...

i ain't kno he raps just for 4-5 years
then i might be having some of his earliest tracks back from 2004