Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Dominique Wilkins

Today is my favorite basketball player EVER birthday. He turned 50 today...unfortunately that number reminds me again of the NBA leaving 'Nique off of its 50 Greatest Players list years ago...but, I'm learning to move on...I'm learning.

But I'm sorry...I'm a die hard 'Nique fan and always will be. I swear...up until last May, I never purchased a pair of Jordan's. I still believe the Hawks get treated like bastards in the media because of that ill-fated 1993 trade for punk ass Danny Manning. Up until last year when the homie Lang Whitaker of SLAM Magazine(an equally loyal Hawks fan) convinced me otherwise...I swore the Hawks were still cursed for the trade. I still have an autographed picture of me, my brother and 'Nique from when I was 8-years old. And to this day I still think 'Nique got robbed in the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest.

But nah for real...I didn't get over the way the Hawks did Dominique until last year sometime. I mean, its kinda tough to get over when you see how Atlanta does its Black star athletes time after time (Deion Sanders, David Justice and pretty much every brotha that played for the Braves in the 90s, Mike Vick).

But yeah, enough of that...Dominique > Jordan and there ain't nothing you can tell me. Hell, my dude is even classier than Jordan. When Dominique was elected into the Hall of Fame he accepted the honor with class...when Jordan got in, he put on one of the most tackiest displays in sports history.

In honor of his B-day I'm posting this highlight reel of "The Human Highlight Film's" 10 Greatest Dunks. Enjoy.


CHICAGOrilla said...

Ayo I agree that 'Nique got robbed in '88 but what were they gonna do? Not give it to Jordan in CHICAGO? NEVER!!! I'm not a Jordan fan either I'm a Bulls fan. I told 'Nique how I felt about '88 when he came thru the store one time but being left off the Top 50list is APPALLING!!! Btw Bulls vs Hawks Feb 6th LEGGO!!!

brandon knight said...

Dominique combined power with finesse like no player before him or since him has been able to replicate.