Friday, January 15, 2010 Interview with 9th Wonder

A couple of days ago Wendy Day of Rap Coalition invited me over to meet with 4Ize and 9th Wonder as they were working in the studio together. I got to hear some pretty dope music while I was over there. The night pretty much turned into something else as folks like Scar, Justice League, Laws and few other folks wound up falling through.

I got a chance to holler at 9th (on camera, trust there was plenty of funny and cool convo down the whole night) while the engineer was loading up one of his beats. In case you didn't hear, 9th will be teaching a course called "Sampling Soul" at Duke University. This isn't his first venture in academia as he's also taught a Hip Hop course at his alma mater North Carolina Central University. We also spoke briefly about his collaboration with David Banner, "Death of A Popstar."

Shout out to Rook from Justice League and Laws for falling through. I've spoken to Rook, and interviewed Laws...but never met neither one of those cats in person you will see in the vid, haha. Enjoy.

Oh yeah...just found out its this man's birthday today too. Happy Birthday brah.


!i$@ Bee said...

Jealous ;-) Nice job tho Moe.

Nick said...

I really enjoyed that, thanks.