Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hawks Need To Get Back To Being Serious

Four game losing streak. Inability to hold leads in fourth quarter. Losing to Cleveland two nights in a row. Struggling to be considered an elite Eastern Conference team. Star player complaining about fan support to a rival city's newspaper....

But yet we have time to make funny internet videos. Look, I'm all for keeping a calm head in the midst of chaos and sometimes being light-hearted helps with that. But I'ma need these boys to get back to business...and stop wearing those damn red jerseys.

We play Boston on Friday...LETS GO HAWKS!!!


QuantumPeach said...

you're right, that was funny as their current loosing streak! those jersey's are horrific, if they were gonna go red, they should have gone retro!

Rome Brown said...

The Hawks are missing "something", i don't know exactly what it is, but this is not a team that can go past the 2nd round.