Friday, January 15, 2010

Grand Hustle's Spodee Tours Zone 6 / Kirkwood

Ms. Rivercity shot this footage of Grand Hustle's latest signee Spodee taking a walk down memory lane, literally.

The whole Kirkwood and East Lake area has been getting remodeled en masse for the last 10+ years. That's why in the video you hear Spodee saying "this used to be..." quite a bit. What they've done with the folks that used to live there, who knows?

Its crazy because I remember everything he's pointing out too, looking at it like damn...this city is really changing. I didn't grow up and hang around Kirkwood like that...I was a Glenwood/Candler/McAfee and Wesley Chapel/Covington Hwy dweller myself...but one thing I always loved about Kirkwood is that it sat right on the city limits line. Meaning that when Dekalb County stopped selling beer at 11pm...we could always shoot down Glenwood to 2nd Ave and get some beer past midnight since they were right on the edge of the Atlanta city times indeed.

Anyways check out the vid and get to know Spodee a little bit, Grand Hustle is grooming him to be their next guy. Plus he from the East Side of thangs, so you know he is going to actually rap and try to rap about something.


decaturdan said...

Oh yea, he right there in my hood!

Jason said...

I used to live in east lake and yea...east lake/kirkwood/and edgewood have all changed alot. its kinda sad IMO. but its good to see someone from the 6 doin his thing